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If you can stand up unaided you can most likely ride a Segway. Remember that you don't have to balance a Segway, it's balances you backwards and forward so you're in excellent hands. Our Segway Tour Guides are fully equiped to give you the best training experience to help you feel confident to operate a Segway before you go on a tour. We're confident that it will become intuitive within just a few minutes.
A Segway is reading your balance about 100 times every second and is working hard to keep you safe all the time. Our guides will give you all the information you need to know how to safely operate a Segway. As long as you adhere to the directions of your guide you will be kept safe at all times.
Not even rain will stop us from giving you an incredible Segway experience. Segways will still operate in rainy conditions. Only if it's icy, severe weather or thunder storms will we reschedule a tour. As we'll have the contact information of all the riders scheduled on a tour, we will do our best to let you know as far in advance as possible if your tour will be affected by the weather.
We can cater for very large groups. As we're in multiple locations if needed we can bring in Segways from our other locations if the size of the group requires it. However, in order that you can enjoy the full experience we tend to keep it to about 8 riders per tour guide so that safety and participation can be given consideration. A large group of 32 riders will be able to depart at the same time in 4 groups of 8, each with their own guide.
Please make sure you have some food in your stomach before the tour and are hydrated. We give our tours in the Texas sun which can sometimes be a bit warmer than you may be used to. We can’t emphasize enough to bring a bottle of water (we also have some for sale in the store) to take with you on the tour. Also wear sunscreen, and close-toed, flat comfortable shoes.
Please arrive just 5 - 10 minutes before tour time. We will start everything right at your designated tour time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, be advised that the tour may have to leave without you and you are still responsible for paying for your reserved spots.
Yes, the tour time includes approximately 30 minutes for training time and paperwork. Our staff always attempts to get this part done as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Yes, please. Our tour guides do work mainly off of tips. Please treat them as you would any other hard worker in the service industry. Our guides spend every minute of 1.5 to 3 hours with you - teaching you, entertaining you and keeping you safe. 15% of the original price is the service industry standard, however, please feel free to tip more! We also hand out easy math gratuity guides for the guest at the end of every tour to make it super simple!
For groups of 6 or more, we charge an automatic 15% gratuity for the tour guide(s). We have the "6 or more auto gratuity" policy in tact as a safety net for our tour guides who are working extremely hard and giving large unified groups focused attention (entertaining, teaching, keeping them safe) for up to 3 hours at a time. Groups of 6 or more automatically, and instantly increase the workload for the tour guide. Our tours (because 80% of our customers are learning something completely new and foreign) are more intense versions of other services you may have experienced - the most popular example being a restaurant. You have probably seen similar automatic gratuity polices at restaurants for similar (sometimes even smaller) sized groups. We decided that 15% was fair, as opposed to the 18% or 20% auto gratuity that a lot of services are charging these days.
All of our tours will take you through the historic downtown Austin area. All tours except for the Segway Experience Ride will take you to the Texas State Capitol. The routes vary based on the tour of your choosing. We are obviously able to cover more ground and/or more information with the longer tours. For more detailed information, check out each tour’s description on our “Tours” page.
Riders must be at least 14 years of age and weigh between 75 and 300 lbs (but please call store with specific requests and questions). Riders under 18 must have their safety waivers signed by a parent/guardian, and must be accompanied by at least one parent/guardian on the tour.
Yes. We provide dual certified (skateboarding and cycling) helmets in all sizes for our guests as part of the tour price, however, you are more than welcome to bring your own.
Yes. We book our tours in advance and therefore cannot guarantee spots for walk-ins. Please call ahead or book online as soon as possible to reserve your spots on a tour. For “specialty” tours such as the Cultural Campus, Choose Cruise, and Night Life tour, please call for details and reservations as those are not standard tours with standing daily tour times.
No. When you hit the "submit" button on the reservation page online, you are sending in a reservation request. Our team will follow up with your request by checking availability and giving you a call back to then confirm and secure your reservation with a credit card number. Your reservation is not confirmed until you have spoken with a SegCity staff member.
Absolutely! We're fully equipped to sell brand new Segways with full warrantees. And if you really want, we can ever sell you the very Segway you took on your tour and have it properly registered to you with Segway Inc.

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