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This Is What A Lot Of People Ask Us...

Is A Segway Hard To Ride?

If you can stand up unaided you can most likely ride a Segway. Remember that you don't have to balance a Segway, it's balances you backwards and forward so you're in excellent hands. Our Tour Guides will provide you the best training experience to help you feel confident to operate a Segway before you go on a tour. We're confident that it will become intuitive within just a few minutes.

Is It Safe?

A Segway is reading your balance about 100 times every second and is working hard to keep you safe all the time. Our guides will give you all the information you need to know how to safely operate a Segway. As long as you adhere to the directions of your guide you will be kept safe at all times.

Can I Buy A Segway From You?

Absolutely! We have several Segways available for sale. Simply contact one of our store managers to get more details.

I own my own Segway. Do you offer discounts on your tours if I use my own machine?

Of course. Just call the store and let us know which tour you want to do and we'll give you a discount.

Can a Segway tour still go out in the rain?

Not even rain will stop us from giving you an incredible Segway experience. Segways will still operate in rainy conditions. Only if it's icy, severe weather or thunder storms will we reschedule a tour. As we'll have the contact information of all the riders scheduled on a tour, we will do our best to let you know as far in advance as possible if your tour will be affected by the weather.

Is it required to make a reservation?

They are not but are highly recommended otherwise we cannot guarantee the availability of spots on a tour.

What's the largest group you will take on a tour?

We can cater for very large groups. As we're in multiple locations if needed we can bring in Segways from our other locations if the size of the group requires it. However, in order that you can enjoy the full experience we tend to keep it to about 8 riders per tour guide so that safety and participation can be given consideration. A large group of 32 riders will be able to depart at the same time in 4 groups of 8, each with their own guide.

  • Tours follow Segway recommended safety guidelines promoting a smooth and safe experience
  • Smaller guide-to-glider ratio enables more personal attention
  • Tours are pedestrian-friendly and conform to all local regulations

  • Tip at your own discretion, but keep in mind the following: Groups of 6 or more have automatic 15% gratuity. Tipping is a way of rewarding good service.

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