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There has NEVER been a better time to buy a brand new Segway. In a one-off time and stock limited event you can save yourself $$$ off the cost of a brand new i2 or x2 Segway!

Contact one of our really friendly (and not pushy) sales representives for a no-obligation quote and we'll be really happy to tell you what the prices are.

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Introducing the i2 & X2 Segways with lean-steer technology.

The i2 is great for paved surfaces, shopping malls, airports... you get what we mean! Exceptional mileage - 25 miles per charge and suitable for weather conditions from sunshine to rain.

The X2 on the other hand is what you're looking for if you want to ride on the beach, have rough terrain or change the tires for the golf course and smooth grass that you don't want to damage.

The i2 is designed for easy operation over normal terrain. Available in white, black, metalic sage... or customized with personality.

The x2 provides enhanced performance on varied terrain. All-terain tires and wider track. Interchangable wheels for multiple use. Accessories available.

The i2 Cargo is designed with enhanced cargo capacity. Cases provide removable, lockable storage. Front bags also optionable.

The x2 Adventure taking the x2 to the next level with handle bar bags, LED headlight and cargo plates bundled in.

The i2 Police increases officer visibility. Supplied with Police / Security signage & can add flashing lights and sirens for maximum effect. Also avilable in x2 model.

From front and side cargo bags to cushioned foot pads, lights and off board chargers we supply accessories to make your Segway everything you need it to be!

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Without question, SegCity is the top Segway store in the area. Large groups, corporations, police & security, transportation companies and individuals choose us as their Segway store because of our great prices, affordable payment plans, large inventory, excellent customer service and years of experience.
If you're serious about buying a segway we're serious about giving you the best value and service available. Special financing offers as low as 3.9% and 6 months same as cash! Segway Service & Repairs Available.